Launch of web portal.  web portal started to work fully at the beginning of August 2016. Web portal is created on a modern platform taking into account the latest technology and modern trends of web-design. To provide more comfort to the customers, during the development, was implemented a functional interface and responsive design that ensures the correct display of the website on mobile devices.

 The new site is designed primarily to care about the users and their interests. Due to this, the user can quickly find the information required and choose the spare parts for the car in a few seconds and book them online through a convenient selection system.

  My Garage function allows the user to save the data of the car, which gives additional convenience and time.

 Unique service of the production of non-standard ignition cable is now available online. Just in a few minutes spent at the computer, you may independently project any desired design of cable, and the company’s specialists will produce and deliver them promptly at the required address.

 Professional users are provided with additional business opportunities through access to the latest technical information, timely information on updates to the range and the perspectives of development of this field of the automotive business, the feedback between producers of components of the ignition system and participants of the sales market.

 Creation of web portal was another important step in the implementation of the strategy of increasing brand awareness of producers of high-quality spare parts of the ignition system, and the development and strengthening of positions in the automotive market.



Битва свечей на Dino-стенде. BRISK vs NGK. BMW X5 4.8. Часть 3.


 Испытание свечей на Dino-стенде. Тестовый автомобиль BMW 325 6-цил. 200 л.с.


 Испытание свечей на Dino-стенде. Тестовый автомобиль Audi A4 2.0 TFSi  270 л.с.


Автобоксы и багажные системы 


Ассортимент фильтров


Производство поршней OE качества по индивидуальному заказу.


BRISK Tábor a.s. again the supplier of the Car of the Year in the Czech Republic


НОВИНКА!!! Электропневматические клапана.


Партнерство с компанией BTE.


Технический семинар BRISK

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